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  • Forensic Audio Analysis - Digital Audio Enhancement - Audio Analysis Services - Forensic Audio Authentication - Audio Restoration Service.
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  • Our audio tape enhancement and voice recorder enhancement can de-noise and improve the intelligibility as well as the quality of recorded evidence.
  • Let our audio video experts assist you with video audio authentication, video audio tape enhancement and digital voice recorder analysis.

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    Forensic Audio Video Expert - Arlo E. West
    ACFEI, AES, PPSC - Certified Forensic Expert - NYIFA


    207 577 0151

    Comprehensive reports and expert testimony!

    Forensic Audio Analysis - Digital Audio Enhancement - Digital audio voice recorders are frequently used to record and produce audio evidence. Digital Voice Recorder Enhancement improves the intelligibility of the recorded dialog offered as evidence. We also offer Audio Tape Restoration and forensic transcription services. Noise reduction and intelligibility issues are the focus of our Audio Recording Restoration techniques.

    Audio Tape Enhancement - Voice Recorder Analysis - Cleaning up the noise and increasing the intelligibility of dialog in recorded evidence is the primary function of audio enhancement. Our process of noise removal from audio recordings and restoring intelligibility for transcription has earned a reputation for excellence in legal communities throughout the United States and Europe. Here at Creative Forensic Services we beta test and use iZotope RX 4 Advanced - iZotope Ozone 6 to analyze, enhance, authenticate and de-noise audio recordings. We can aid in answering many questions and many issues, both legal and personal in nature. Our clients include not only criminal defense and prosecution attorneys, litigation, police, private investigators, legal communities, but also families with cherished recordings of loved ones and domestic partners.

    Audio Authentication - Video Authentication - If the recorded audio or video evidence your case is based upon has been tampered with, edited, altered or redacted from its original state and you are facing criminal charges, litigation or judgment based upon this recorded evidence then you need an expert to authenticate the recording. Let us provide you with an expert forensic audio or video authentication analysis and comprehensive report. We can also provide you with expert testimony based upon the facts and findings of our analysis.

    Forensic Transcript - Video Transcription - Creative Forensic Services has developed a proven forensic transcription technique that combines audio enhancement, recording restoration, paper transcripts and then combines these into a forensic video transcript. The forensic transcript is then formatted to suit your case and plays in real time on a large screen in the court room. Transcription expert Jo Weiss and forensic A/V expert Arlo West team up to prepare a video transcript which is very effective, accurate and each word has to be agreed upon by each expert before inclusion. An affidavit can then be given from each expert or testimony in person.

    Confidentiality and Discretion - Our clients are essential to us, so we ensure complete and total confidence. It is good business policy and we maintain integrity in all aspects of our business and yours. Only our staff will be present during audio or video analysis. Your confidentiality is assured to the highest degree. Creative Forensic Services reserves the right to confer with other qualified experts in this and other fields should the need arise. We will not divulge names or information that will compromise our commitment to privacy.

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