Have you been wrongfully accused of a crime based on a voice recording?
Does your case depend on the veracity of an audio recording which you think may have been tamperred with?
Creative Forensic Services offers Forensic Video and Audio Transcription

CFS has developed a method of combining enhanced audio with dialog displayed in a video format for court presentation. This method of combining the visual effect of being able to read the transcribed dialog along with listening to the enhanced audio is extremely effective.
What we do is create a windows media WMV file or a quick time MOV file utilizing the prepared transcript and the previously enhanced audio. The video transcript in a court presentation is more powerful and effective than simply pushing play on a cassette or CD player. Most lawyers know that enhanced audio can still be problematic for presentation. With only one shot to get the point across to a jury the risk of them becoming distracted or disinterested due to poor quality audio is great. This risk is minimized by the video transcript. The jury's senses become immersed in the evidence as it is presented. This is a powerful tool that when used correctly will capture a listener/viewers undivided attention during your presentation.

To present the file to an audience all you need are a laptop computer and a large screen projection system. The ease at which you can replay segments is as simple as sliding the progress bar and watching the time code. Pages are also numbered and displayed on the screen as well. Don't underestimate the power of this presentation and the impact it will have on those who witness it in a court room.