Pocket Dial - Voice Recorder Enhancement

Audio Enhancement and Transcription Services for Marital Infidelity. Digital Voice Recorders, video cameras, voice mail messages and cell phones are being used frequently to catch a cheating spouse. And often what a client suspects is being said or done can be confusing and misleading. Many times both parties will agree to consult the expert and ask that the analysis be done with a full transcript.
Pocket Dial - Butt Dial - Voice Recorder -Analysis Enhancement and Noise Reduction

Pocket Dial - Butt Dial - Voice Recorder -Analysis Enhancement and Noise Reduction

Do you believe you are experiencing infidelity issues with your domestic partner?
Have your concerns led you to gather recorded evidence that is of poor quality?
Did your concerns cause you to seek out a forensic audio expert?
This is something that we deal with on a regular basis here at CFS.

Your fear of speaking to someone about this issue can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. Not knowing what is being said or who is speaking on a recording can also cause great anxiety.
Your audio recording will need to be enhanced and transcribed for your own peace of mind. The need to know is important to you and crucial to the relationship between you and your partner.
Why wait another day? Let us help with your situation by applying our expert enhancement technique.

All of these factor in and can cause improper signal to noise ratios.

Creative Forensic Services can help you with your voice recorder digital audio enhancement and dialog inteligibility needs.

Enhancement of digital audio from a small hand held digital voice recorder is similar to the audio tape method.
The audio is extracted via USB or if USB is not available digitized from the recorder and put into the forensic audio computer.
Noise removal filters and enhancement techniques are applied and then the inteligibility is increased.

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